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Satellite confirms structures of Kota Gelanggi

Feb 19, 2005
Malaysia Gis -

The search for the lost city of Kota Gelanggi has taken a leap forward with satellite maps confirming the existence of structures on site.
A remote sensing satellite image taken by the Malaysian Centre for Remote Sensing (Macres) has revealed possible structures which match aerial photographs taken by Canberra-based independent researcher Raimy Che-Ross last year.
The image has also shown that the apparent structures are much more extensive than previously thought.
Raimy, when contacted yesterday, said the satellite image and other recent evidence had convinced him that he had found the lost city of Kota Gelanggi.
"Call it by any other name, but this is definitely the Lost City of Kota Gelanggi. "Thanks to both the evidence and the satellite images, I am absolutely sure that my original hypothesis and findings are correct," he told The Star yesterday.
A Kuala Lumpur-based Geographical Information System (GIS), mapping and remote sensing consultant who analysed the satellite image said there was no doubt that there were peculiar structures.
"Johor does not have natural rock formations and what is seen in the satellite image is man-made. The lines could be walls or trenches," he said.
However, the consultant added that there were also other possibilities of what these structures could constitute. They include former logging trails, fluvial networks caused by receding waters of a dam which is the result of sedimentation.
"It could also be the lost city of Kota Gelanggi.
"What is sure is that you have the same site shown in earlier pictures. I am 90% sure the image is that of the area the authorities are looking for."
On the possibility that some of the lines seen on the satellite image were modern-day fences, the consultant said, "Fences are never built around dams in the country. I suspect these could be 'fences' built long ago."
He said it was necessary for the authorities to go and verify the authenticity of the site.

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